Boing!! is now available on iTunes

Boing!! is now available on iTunes

Boing!! is on iTunes

Good news! Boing!! has finally been released on iTunes. Airhead’s only album was deleted many years ago and since then copies have been going on eBay for up to £30.

All twelve tracks from the CD version of the album are now available on iTunes, so if your copy has worn out then this is the place to get yourself pristine digital versions.

Boing!! on iTunes

What’s new

  • A review of Right now from Select magazine (13/1/14)
  • Some new cuttings from a Past and Present fanzine interview have been uploaded – thanks to Andy for these. And thanks to the very generous people who have donated some money to help pay for this website (7/2/13)
  • Boing!! has been released on iTunes: buy your copy here. Surely it’s now time for a reunion gig? (23/10/12)
  • Got a slightly unexpected credit card transaction for £65 to pay for the domain name. If you’d like to help pay for this then you can donate here. Thank you! (10/10/12)
  • In the early hours of Wednesday 11 April 2012, BBC 6 Music played Funny how, They don’t know and Counting sheep from the Radio 1 session Airhead recorded for Mark Goodier in 1992 (13/04/12)
  • US-based Airhead fan Doug Veith is selling two large Airhead posters (Funny how and Counting sheep) on eBay (20/6/10)
  • Iggy has sent through some new cuttings and Spike photos, including an advert from NME as late as 1997. Plus, it looks like some sort of reunion is probably going to happen (2/4/10)
  • As the #bringbackairhead campaign gains momentum, you can download three tracks from the Spike Peel session from 1994, courtesy of Wayne. Mike and Sam were in Spike following the split of Airhead (27/3/10)
  • It seems that Absolute radio’s Iain Lee is supporting the #bringbackairhead campaign on Twitter. Will post more information when I hear more (12/3/10)
  • Alex has uploaded the video for Scrap happy to Vimeo. This follows the videos for Funny how and Counting sheep (25/8/09)
  • I notice that Airhead has an entry on, the website where fans bid to set up private gigs for their favourite band. The idea is that enough fans place a bid then will approach then band and see if they will play. This could be another way to hear the band live once again? There are also a couple of new photos on the site.
  • More new photos have been sent my way, this time courtesy of Jenson Bloomer. Plus someone has uploaded the audio of the great Right now 12″ mix to YouTube (18/10/08)
  • The band reunited at Sam’s wedding over the summer and a version of Funny how is now on YouTube and also on the Discography page. One not to be missed! (8/10/08)
  • The promo for Counting sheep, from the Chart Show in December 1991 is now on YouTube and also on the Discography page. Thanks to Razdan for uploading this (2/5/08). Unfortunately, the Funny how promo has now disappeared, has anyone got a copy they can upload?
  • On 14 February 2008, Marc Riley played three long-lost tracks by Spike on his BBC 6 Music Brain Surgery show. Spike were formed from the remnants of Airhead, with Michael on vocals and Sam on drums, and although the band didn’t release any records, they did record a session for John Peel in November 1994. Riley played three of the four tracks on his show, Obsession, Play away and Like you do (23/2/08)
  • Joel McIver has written a short piece in the November 2007 issue of Record Collector. Read it on the Cuttings page. Thank you Joel for this, hopefully it will increase the chances of a Boing!! reissue (28/9/07)
  • The promo for Right now is now on YouTube and also on the Discography page. Thanks to Lee for uploading this (29/7/07)
  • An interview with Dawn Adamson, Airhead manager 1990-93 (18/7/07)
  • New photos, courtesy of Dawn (17/7/07)
  • New cuttings (17/7/07)

Don’t forget to also sign the all-important petition for the re-release of Boing!!.


I’d been looking for Airhead on the internet for some time but not come across much so in the summer of 2006 I thought I’d put together a few pages to ensure the band has small corner of the internet to itself. They didn’t achieve much chart success, I’m not sure if they were even ever cool to like, but I think they deserve some sort of online acknowledgment.

Boing!! was the first CD album I ever bought; as a result it became the soundtrack to my formative teenage years along with other great early-90s indie.

Most of the content on this site is made up from things that people have emailed me, the scraps of information found in the 12″ fanzine singles or bits I’ve stolen from the internet. If you have anything else of interest then please get in touch.

The domain name for this website costs about £33 a year. If you’d like to help pay for this then you can donate here. Thank you!

There is also an Airhead Myspace page at (not to be confused with Finnish death metal band Airhead).