Boing!! reissue

October 2012 Good news! Boing!! has finally been released on iTunes. All twelve tracks from the CD version of the album are now available, so if your copy has worn out then this is the place to get yourself pristine digital versions.

Boing!! is now available on iTunes

Boing!! is now available on iTunes

Now, shall we try to get the b-sides up there too?

May 2010 Negotiations are underway to get Boing!! released on iTunes. If this happens, there will almost definitely be a gig – probably in London.

November 2007 A campaign has been started by music journalist Joel McIver and this website to get Airhead’s 1992 debut album, Boing!! reissued and placed on music download services.

To help us lobby Warner Brothers, please sign the online petition below. It will only take a couple of minutes and your support may help us make this much-cherished album available once again for new and old fans to enjoy.

It is proposed that a reissued version of Boing!! would include bonus tracks including the That’s enough EP and b-sides, as well as liner notes with new contributions from members of the band.

If you can help in any way with the campaign – especially with regards to getting in touch with all the band members, please get in touch with Joel at

Airhead Boing!! reissue

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