Airhead Boing!! reissue

Airhead Boing!! reissue

Airhead Boing!! reissue – sign the petition now

Airhead Boing!! reissue

14 responses to “Airhead Boing!! reissue

  1. Darren M

    Bring back Boing! One of the most memorable albums I never bought…..

    I did buy a few singles recently on ebay but left them in the car when it got stolen …… Bugga!

  2. Steve Jackson

    COME BACK AIRHEAD WEREVER YOU ARE COME BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!20 YEARS AND WE WANT YOU BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Sean Exton

    Boing was an incredible and very moorish album, every song a single which is very rare these days ! I had it on cassette and it was permanently in my walkman.I unfortunately lost it and was gutted to find that my favourite album now couldnt be replaced which is a travesty. Bring it back into circulation not only for old fans but for new to explore its richness in song writing and catchy,hypnotic melodies.

  4. Patrick Evans

    I spent an entire winter listening to Boing. Dodgy tape copy, obviously. Tried to find it on Spotify not so long ago to no avail so bring it back motherfuckers. I didn’t pay to listen to it then and I want to hear it for free now!

  5. Great album. still have my original CD version – torn between keeping it and selling it

  6. Del

    just heard “Funny How” on 6Music. i’d love to see his album reissued.

  7. Julie Allen

    Any more news on a reunion guys? Really need this!!!! Still listening to your music regularly – 40 wishes is sounding relevant! Julie x

  8. Annie miller

    Come back airhead! We love you! Re release being!

  9. Steve is a top bloke, so i want them to reissue Boing!!!

  10. Lageraemia

    My copy got knicked when I got burgled – I want a new one NOW!

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